Visa Services

We can process all types of visa for any country on proper documents. Many embassy and chamber of Commerce has given us authorization and certification for visa process and legalization of documents from embassy and consulate. As Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major recruiter for skilled and unskilled Indian personnel's, we offer our services for visa stamping/endorsement for employment, visit, business visit, Residence visa from Saudi Consulate in Mumbai

We process all trade personnel's visas in which only domestic trade personnel's i.e. house driver, house boy, maid, nurse, and labourers are exempted for Istekdham Wakala. These Visa Wakala can be made through local Javazad (visa office) in Saudi Arabia rest all other trade personnel's require Wakala to be made through recognized Saudi recruitment office (istekdham Wakala).

Employment Visa

Electronics Wakala ( E-wakala made by Estakdam Office)

EMPLOYMENT VISA STAMPING (need the following documents)

  • Professional Certificate (attested by concerned HRD / Home MEA & Saudi Embassy)
  • Original Visa
  • Passport
  • Medical from GCC Medical Centre
  • Photographs (8) (Back White Background, Size - 4 / 6 cm)

Commercial Visit Visa

  • Electronic Visit Visa
  • Covering Letter requesting for the issuance of visa, stating nature of business and Saudi Co. address and telephone number.
  • A recommendation letter from Indian Chamber of Commerce stating nature of business of the Indian Co.

Business Visit Visa

  • Electronic Visit Visa
  • Covering Letter (Issued by Indian Company)
  • Two white background photos.
  • Recommendation letter from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Degree / Certificate in case of technical Categories, like Engineer, Consultant, Programmer, System Analyst or any other technical Category.

Residence Visa

  • Electronic Visa
  • Sponsor’s Passport copy of first & last page.
  • Sponsor’s valid Iqama copy.
  • Two white background Self photos
  • Medical Certificate (on line).
  • Marriage Certificate (for spouse).
  • Birth Certificate (for children)
  • Recent Vaccination Certificate for children below 15 years and Medical Certificate above 15 years.

Re- Entry Extension

  • Electronic Visa for extension(if applicable)
  • Copy of Jawazaat.
  • Expired Passport (if basic visa available)
  • etter from the sponsor attested by Chember of Commerce & Ministry of External Affairs
  • Four photos with white background (size 6x4 cm)
  • Minimum Six month’s Passport validity.
  • Four passport size photos with white background.

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