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India through the ages has produced one of the best artisans & technician in the world. The excellent architectures, superior construction & the high level of sophisticated technology utilized bears witness to the claim that Indian labors & technician are second to none in the world.

Amongst the intelligence and highly qualified personnel India to ranks amongst the best. Because the level of education is at part of world standards. Even in a highly developed country like the U.S.A. majority of the key position are held by Indians in industry, scientific research & academics.

You’ll find Indians to be God-fearing, hard working & diligent. They are flexible enough to adapt to varying circumstances & environment. Therefore you won’t be surprised to find Indians working successfully all over the world. India indeed provides a rich source of skilled, un-skilled, semiskilled & highly qualified personnel your one stop recruitment zone for a wide variety of personnel India.

The great demand for Indian manpower in abroad has given rise to fly-by-night recruitment agents who have duped many principals and probable candidates. So to curb this unsavory menace the Govt. of India has laid down rules, regulations & restrictions. Only those full filing the Government’s conditions are authorized to function as recruiting agents.

About Overselves :
Altaf Enterprises, we are proud to inform you is one of Government of India’s authorized recruiting agents for recruiting manpower required in abroad. Altaf Enterprises has been in operation for the last 18 years and has provided absolute satisfaction not only to the candidates but even to our principals. And that is why our clients have continued our services for so many years.

At Altaf Enterprises we believe in keeping our customers happy & satisfied by providing good services, reliability and accountability.

We would like to be very much service to you. It will make us proud to be associated with you. Incase you need our service just get in touch with us. From there on we’ll take care of everything.

Assuring you once again our best co-operation and proper attention will remain at all times.

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  • Civil Engineer

    Ananthaiah T. B.Tech- CIVIL Industry  Exp.2.5 Years

  • Mechanical Engineer

    Ananthaiah T. B.Tech- CIVIL Industry  Exp.2.5 Years

  • Dental Recruitment

    Ananthaiah T. B.Tech- CIVIL Industry  Exp.2.5 Years

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